Keeping Things in Storage

Keeping Things in Storage

Storage Best Practice

Helpful Hints to keep your things safe and in tip top condition whilst in storage.

1. Try to keep soft furnishings such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, duvets, blankets and pillows off the floor (sofas and chairs are ok) and walls and closer to the front so they can be easily checked

2. If possible, try to stack cardboard boxes on top of other furniture or plastic boxes and off the floor – if you need a blanket to protect any surfaces, such as wooden tables, then please do ask, we have plenty should you need one

3. If you can, try to keep the back of your unit accessible for checks and if damp sticks need changing. The back is the area that suffers most from lack of air circulation and is often neglected because it cannot be accessed

4. Try to keep a some space between walls and your things. This allows air to flow around your goods.

5. Keep paintings, mirrors and glass fronted pictures wrapped or secured safely so there’s no risk of them falling

Did you know? Even in storage soft furnishings, clothes, wooden furniture, paper and cardboard hold residual moisture even if they appear dry so it’s extremely important your unit is checked regularly, even if you’re not going in to get something.


Always remember to check your damp stick!! If one of them is full then ask for a replacement!!

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