Storage FAQs

Container storage at Country Green is an outdoor, secure storage option which can be tailored to any personal or business need. Our units are brand new and made from reinforced marine grade steel.

The containers we use are of the highest quality. They are made with marine grade steel, high locking bars and lock boxes to keep your padlock safe and unable to be compromised making them the best option to guarantee the safety of your belongings.

The Cor-Ten marine grade shipping containers we use are made to withstand life on the seas and their primary function is ensuring the safe and secure passage of new goods being imported from abroad, new cars, classic cars, high value items, the list goes on. When we buy something new in store we expect it to be in mint condition and we at Country Green make certain your property is given the same treatment which is why we put our trust in these units and why you can put your trust in us.

We only ever use one padlock that we have chosen ourselves and must live up to our exacting standards.

Each padlock is made with re-enforced, ultra-durable steel and we provide these as standard with all our units.

We want your possessions to be in the safest place possible so why would we offer you anything other than the very best? The answer is, we won’t.

Thieves can target indoor storage effortlessly. Once they are inside, which they can do quickly and easily, they are able to break the locks or the break doors into the individual units with ease leaving your goods vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Our containers cannot be moved unless by specially designed haulage equipment and with their ultra thick steel, lock boxes and our exceptional site security they are almost impossible to break into.

Here is an article from BBC Watchdog on a well known indoor storage company highlighting the pitfalls that many other similar indoor unit companies face.

Read article 

All our containers offer ventilation to ward against damp. In addition to this all of the units are Grafothermed as standard to add another layer of defence against moisture and dripping from the ceiling offering you peace of mind knowing your property will be kept safe and dry.
Grafotherm is an anti-condensation coating which is sprayed onto the roof of the container to stop the build up of moisture which can lead to ‘container rain’ and the subsequent harming of vulnerable materials such as paper or any soft furnishings.
We always try to offer the right deal for our customers. Please get in touch with your requirements and we will do all we can to accommodate you.

Security is of the utmost importance to us so we have taken ever measure we can to ensure you can relax and be safe in the knowledge that your property is in good hands.
The Country Green site:

  • Offset from and invisible from the road
  • A brook running around the road side of the site
  • Tall, thick hedging and fencing
  • 24hr CCTV recording in operation in numerous areas around the site not just the gates
  • Gated premises only accessible to customers and the Country Green staff
  • Pass code recognition
  • Owner lives just 100 yards away and has full access to all CCTV cameras at all times
If you are unsure about the amount of space you need please see our simple infographic which can help you determine what type and size of unit you need.

Included in the rental price of one of our containers:

  • Padlock
  • Internally Grafothermed
  • Weekly checks of your dampstick if desired
  • 24hr security protection
Yes, the minimum rental period is just one week.

Whilst we do not offer removal services we do have a variety of trusted removal companies we can recommend who would be delighted to help with your move. Once here, if you need a hand we will absolutely help where we can and don’t forget we do van hire so you can move your belongings with ease.

Your standard house insurance will not usually cover your stay in storage so you will need to check with your insurance provider or insure your goods separately. Country Green can help as we offer an insurance package. Although we very strongly advise our customers to ensure their goods are insured, insurance is optional but ‘if it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring’.
We certainly are. We believe the level of professionalism and service should be second to none which is why we are a member of the SSA meaning we have to conform to industry standards guaranteeing you peace of mind.


No one will be able to access your container apart from you unless you specify otherwise or if you would like us to inspect your dampsticks at any time.

We have a master a key with us to ensure there’s always a spare in case of emergency. However, we do reserve the right to inspect any container if we believe something is being stored which is on our ‘no-fly’ list (below) or if we suspect any illegal activity.

There are a number of items we cannot hold in our containers. Most are pretty obvious but below is a comprehensive list of banned goods and substances:

  • Food or perishable goods unless securely packed so that they are protected from and do not attract vermin (Not applicable to refrigerated storage however other guidelines do apply)
  • Counterfeit alcohol, bulk or wholesale alcohol (over 36 bottles or 10 packs), alcohol without UK tax or duty.
  • Birds, fish, animals or any other living creatures
  • Combustible or flammable materials or liquids such as gas, paint, petrol, oil or cleaning solvents
  • Illegal firearms & weapons
  • Fireworks, explosives & ammunition
  • Chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents or similar
  • Toxic waste, asbestos, polluted or contaminated items, commercial waste, any materials of a potentially dangerous nature, compressed gases
  • Items which emits any fumes or odour
  • Illegal substances, illegal items, or goods illegally obtained
  • Cash & securities
You can pay by credit or debit card, standing order or direct debit. We will accept cash but part of the first payment must be made by one of the other methods.

We want to make things as hassle free as we can so we only require a one-week notice of you vacating your container.

If you have signed and paid for a certain period we will make sure you are only charged for the time you use. For example, if you have signed for 6 months but want to vacate half way through your 6th month, no problem.

The payment made at the start of the month will be pro-rated and you will receive a refund for the time not used.

If you are storing white goods such as fridges and freezers they must be completely defrosted beforehand as they may damage your other goods when they start to defrost inside the container.

No plant pots with plants in as the soil can cause damp.

Also any fuel must be drained from cars, lawn movers and any other equipment.

Got another question?

If there is anything you feel has not been answered here in our FAQs, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call direct on 01380 850 939 or send us a message via our contact page.