Storage Solutions for The People Of Wiltshire

How Important a Storage Company’s Social Media Profile?

How do You Choose a Storage Company That You Can Trust?

What do you consider when you are looking for a self-storage solution for your personal or business belongings?

Do you look at social media? Do you rely on the Google search? Or do you look at directories or even in the Denton’s directory?

Gone are the days when we pulled out the Yellow Pages and scoured through the alphabet for S. If you haven’t embraced the web for all things…and yes I mean all things, then you might find yourself a little limited.

A storage company such as ours would not have had to have a social media profile or have to consider anything outside of standard advertising material in the past. Things have moved on so fast in the last few years that it’s difficult to keep up.

Free Advertising Online

What’s the best thing about social media for businesses in Chippenham? It’s free!

Not only do we get to tell everyone about our wonderful services, we also get to do it without shelling out hundreds of pounds on half page spreads in a magazine that is destined to end up in the bin or on the table at your local surgery.

Storage Solutions for The People Of Wiltshire

And here we are, shouting about our fantastic self-storage facility in Chippenham! If you’ve found us online, perhaps via this exact blog, then welcome 🙂

‘Perhaps you are looking for a little bit of storage. Or maybe it’s a lot. We’re here to tell you that it matters not a jot’

We offer many solutions. Some people just want to store some precious belongings and don’t feel comfortable leaving them at home. Others want to use self-storage for larger household items.

If you still aren’t sure what you need then please do drop us a line or better still, give us a call.


Country Green Storage – 01380 850 939

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