storage companies in Trowbridge

Trowbridge and Beyond

No, we haven’t been making our way through the alphabet 😉

We have however, realised that local people don’t often know what services are on their doorstep. Country Green Storage is central to lots of surrounding areas, Trowbridge being one of them. So why have so many people in the local area never heard of us? I suppose it comes down to the need to know factor.

If you need storage, you’ll Google ‘storage companies in Trowbridge‘ and there you will hopefully find us.

Actually we didn’t know that Trowbridge is famous for being the County Town of Wiltshire of which it was made in 1889 when Wiltshire County Council was formed and sought a place that representatives from Swindon and Salisbury, among others, could reach and return home in one day. We just don’t seem to know much about our surrounding towns and Cities, yet we know plenty about those far from us.

If you are in Trowbridge, and looking for a storage solution, then please give us a call or drop us a line. It’s not too far to travel, and we appreciate each and everyone of our customers. In fact we are actively advertising to customers in Trowbridge, Chippenham and Calne, which sounds crazy as where else would they go? But if you don’t know a place exists, then the fact that it’s local is of no significance.

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